Which I attended yesterday afternoon after visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

  • One manufacturer that was conspicuous with its absence was Infiniti. I was almost looking forward to looking at the Q50, but no big loss. I mean, Morgan was there with a trio of three-wheelers. Actually there were two, but considering the show was hosted by the Greater Charlotte Auto Dealers Association, I couldn't expect Tesla to make an appearance.
  • Two cars that surprised me in person were the new Toyota Avalon, which has touches that remind me of old Japanese electronics (mainly the knobs), and the Cadillac XTS. Slightly odd proportions and platform engineering be damned, it is a sweet car.
  • The Chevrolet SS is a very nice ride. I like that in general, GM interiors are becoming less and less GM.
  • The Jeep Cherokee isn't nearly as hideous in person than I thought it might be. Perhaps the leggy spokesmodel demonstrating its features blunted the ugly.
  • I signed up for the GM Test Drive and took a Volt - a car that has intrigued me since it was launched - for a spin. It really isn't a driver' scar, but at a piece of technology it was pretty neat. Dat torque.

Pictures later... if you're good.