Today, I had something called Link Crew. It's basically a freshman orientation thing. We started off for 2 days of training (it was really fun, including a game of arms-linked tag in a gymnasium with many people sitting on the ground, resulted in walking with a limp yesterday) with basically every hands on game with a moral/deeper meaning about it. Us incoming juniors (and the seniors) were pretty pumped about it, probably because we had big attention spans and a mission.

I'm a nervous guy, and I felt like a goddamn nervous wreck. I got paired up with some senior girl who was in those cliques. The ones I don't care about. I heard from someone about the teacher pairing people up with opposing personalities. Pretty much a sample case study right here.


The next day (aka this morning) we got this place set up. I may have fucked up on blowing of the balloons to a certain size, because the for-freshman game"balloon popping via hugging of the senior in the opposite sex resulted in a hyperactive guy hugging a girl (cough squeezing) with the balloon bulging to a new high. Quickly, after 4 seconds, the teacher intervened and discreetly popped it as he moved by. Everyone cheered.

After lining up and high fiving in a really long line I'm not going to go indepth, our freshman that we called the night before (only one of my 5 people I called answered, 2 went to voicemail, 2 were dead lines/no voicemail).

Then came 2 hours of persuading a bunch of inattentive to play these games that were good in some sort of way. The clique girl could only work so much of her loud authoritive voice (she assumed her role, and a good 3 quarters of mine) on these freshman. One refused to do the games we told them to do. several of them spaced out. One looked like she was so stoned that she couldn't remember if a pack of penguins started stealing cars and playing italian pop music a moment ago. Ticked me off as she got the "card" to do it as her sibling was in some sort of relationship with the clique girl. There also were these 2 kids that resembled their 2 siblings in NO WAY (I know both of them), and to the point of silently questioning their existence.


quote "I would give up my computer cause my phones got a computer" for a answer of "What would you give up, computer or cell phone"

This is ridiculous in how much people have been dumbed down to. Weaned by electronics, made into mindless robots who will likely fail. I just compared the class of 2014. Out of 48 people on the first page of the freshman year section, only 24 of those freshman passed! Jesus. There was a girl in some retarded brand, walking in late, tapping on her cell phone. I hate this year's freshmen. I tried to do as much as I can, even though my role had been whittled down. I feel frustrated with these guys and think "how will they even survive going through high school?" I can only hope they'll grow up and get their wheels back on the track.

Goddamn it.