Why, WHY have I subjected myself to people who constantly tell me what’s wrong with me, how I annoy them, and also what I’m doing wrong? I have theories, but quite frankly, I’m done.

I was friends with two people I met on the first few days of school two years ago, and I put up with them treating me like shit for two years. But that ends today. Something finally snapped last month, but it was a little too late. I was an idiot and bought a ticket to DC with one of them, and I didn’t think it through until after I spent the $300. My mom even warned me, but all I was thinking about was going to DC and seeing all the cool shit. I should have thought it through. I had a terrible time when I went to Big Bear with him, yet, I still hung out with him afterward. I guess I thought it would get better, but it just got worse.

Actually, when I say it got worse, I think I just started to open my eyes and notice was a dick he was to me. When we first started hanging out he said he was going to change me. There was my first huge hint. I don’t disagree that I have faults, though, and I should change, but I should not have hung out with him after that.


In terms of the other person I mentioned, I should have stopped talking to her after she stopped hanging out with me at school because people thought we were dating.

Yes, she’s really that shallow.


I wrote her off the last time we hung out though when she said I didn’t deserve my BA. Her and my other friend are both pissed I didn’t have to work to get good grades. They think because one professor loved me that’s the reason I did so well. They can’t stop to consider that maybe I’m just smarter than them. I never really considered telling them that because I don’t try and rate myself against other people. I don’t walk around thinking who I am smarter than. For years I underrated myself in not only my intelligence but also my self-worth. But these two assholes and one really shitty boss have helped me see that maybe I am smart, and maybe I am worth more than I thought. I need to have some self-confidence.

But you know what, I’m done. I’m done making myself miserable each time I agree to hang out with them. I’m tired of being told I’m drinking the wrong thing, and I should try beer. I’m tired of being told I’m a bad driver, WHEN I’M NOT! I’m tired of being told everything I do is wrong, and I’m annoying.

Sure, I don’t have a lot of friends, but I’m perfectly content spending my weekends at home relaxing or getting shit done around the house, or detailing my cars. I got perfectly fine by myself for 22 years, I think I’ll be fine without two completely shitty people in my life.

I only hope I can get my money back for my plane ticket. But I guess the only tried and true way to learn a lesson in this world is for it to cost you money. Right?

Thanks for listening.