I was watching Jack Reacher yesternight, and was honestly loving the car chase. This is the one:

I would say that the engine sounds are close to realistic. They're still dubbed, but not as poorly, as they are usually, for instance in the case of the otherwise marvelous Drive. The engine note is in tune with what happens on the scene, and sounds like they did in deed record the run the stunt drivers did with it. Also, car movements are pretty neat too, i loved how obvious the difference between an A6 and a Chevelle dynamics are, and how Jack had to really wrestle with the car to point it vaguely where he wanted to go.


However, the very best part is the ending of the chase. Both me and the wife were in tears from laughing, and had to pause the movie. It's not a bad flick at all, if it was some lesser known name in the lead role, it would certainly have gained much more indie cred.

Also, Rosamund Pike? Those are some droolworthy twins right there.