I was bored and looked through my games folder on my PC and there is GRID! Now... the shortcut being there, doesn't always mean I still have the game lol, but I clicked the icon and it loaded the game ^_^

So I played for a bit, then I got asked to race the 24hrs of lemans in a Porsche or a Panoz, I opted for the Panoz, the race was 24 minutes, lol. I think I came in 4th in my class.

Anyways... I don't even know if it was Grid 1 or 2, I am thinking it was part 1, is part 2 significantly better? What do you guys think about Grid? I had a decent amount of fun with it last night for about an hour. Before the 24 hrs I played the destruction derby. That was the first thing that popped up in my career mode, haha.