Take this as my introductory post here.

I've been bathed in car culture since I was a child largely because my grandfather used to be a dealership service guy and my great grandfather (the prior grandfather's father-in-law) owned a dealership back in the day. In retirement, the still-living grandfather restored vintage trucks, including a 1936 Chevrolet he calls Ms. Loosey because every part on her was loose when he got her. We went on a family trip to Kentucky when I was five and toured the Corvette factory. I've been hooked since then.

I live in Texas and currently work in journalism (excuse my typos errors... I let it all hang out around here) but I'm trying to change careers at the moment. My DD is a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado w/ the Z71 package and 220,000 miles on it, so its days are numbered.


Of course the reason I wanted to post is the fact that you can do what you see in the picture in GTAV now. Rockstar added a Coquette Classic with the latest DLC. It comes with a coupe version and a roadster version. in Online. The roadster is the only available version in story mode.

Correction to above: The coupe and roadster are both available in character garages in story mode. When selected from the garage, they alternate which model the character exits the garage with (i.e. first time you select it, it will be the roadster ... the second time it will be the coupe ... and so on and so forth).