I wanted to downsize in car and get something even more sporty (really more like traditional sports car than pony car). For a while I was looking at several vehicles, Evora S (too expensive), Aston Martin Vantage (too many question marks), Porsche Cayman (friend’s engine exploded and it cost $10,000 to replace). Several others on top of that like the FRS+Supercharger for example.

Finally I have settled on the Lotus Elise.

I figured I have this 2nd car (Skyline GTS-T) that CAN get groceries and things when I need it. Why buy a 1st car with that in consideration? The Mustang also cannot go to Best Buy and put a TV in the trunk anyways.


The car checks all the boxes, revvy engine, exotic looks, sports car handling, lowest weight possible in a newer vehicle, and I always wanted a MR2 (lol). I love the 2ZZ engine and the fact it uses a Celica GTS trans on top of it.

Right now i’m waiting on my new turbo for the Skyline to arrive, i’m going to build that car, then when it’s done and I can use it for grocery getting i’m going to pick up one of these.