This thing romps.

Are you the kind of person that says, "I wanna go tear through the desert and make it my bitch, but I also want to do so in comfort?" This is the machine for you. A 5.5L twin-turbo V8 belches out 536 HP, which can get the 8300 pound beast from 0-60 in under 6 seconds. I presume that's on any terrain, like a pile of skulls. Power split 30/40/30 between the 3 axles (each with a locking diff) that are connected to 37" tires that can be inflated and deflated from within the cabin, Military Humvee style. A 52 degree approach angle means it'll climb anything. And I mean anything.


With a pricetag of upwards of $450,000, most people would go buy a baja truck or desert racer to rip through the sand, but why do that when you can cloak you and three of your best friends in luxury, pop open the champagne, and make mother nature get on it's knees and beg for mercy? This thing is awesome. Only 20-30 are being made, so put your order in now.