I am so excited for this project. It drove better than expected on the 35 minutes home. Steering is out of alignment, electrical like power windows and power seats need help. Bouncy suspension. Surprisingly strong brakes. Oh, that V8 is wonderful.

I really dig these seats.

I love how stock it is, down to the AM radio.

We are going to have so much fun with this. My son is at Berklee College of Music in Boston at songwriting camp, but when he gets home we need to start cataloguing needs.

Advice needed: For the surface rust, should ee grind it clean and hit it with primer to retard its progress until we have time/money for body and paint? He doesn’t want primer patches, but the clear coat is peeling and the paint is fucked. I don’t think some primer spots hurt, and I know from experience that driving around in a partially finished car is a great motivator to save money.