So as some of you may have seen yesterday, I'm visiting my parents for the weekend and took the opportunity to snag a bunch of my old Hot Wheels/assorted die-cast models from their attic. Much better use of three hours than listening to them complain about how Frasier isn't on TV anymore.

Here are some of the initial highlights. All of these are up for trades, but some of them would have to be pretty good.

1992 BMW 850i (Matchbox)

This is one of my favorites. I'm not sure how it made it through my childhood in almost perfect shape, but I'm glad it did. It's all metal and yes, the doors open and close (although the passenger one doesn't sit flush with the body. A meticulous person could probably fix it.)

1999 BMW E46 Coupe (Matchbox)

Another all-metal BMW from our friends at Matchbox. This one has no moving parts, but sports an appropriately-stiff suspension and a surprisingly well-detailed paint job. If you trade for it, I'll throw in the vanity plate too.

1986 Ford RS200 (Matchbox)

I always loved Matchbox more as a kid because of the realistic cars they pump out. These right-hand drive RS200s have knobbly tires, a clear plastic hatch with vents, and a detailed engine underneath. The bodies are pretty beat up, but the suspension is still springy.

1988 Ferrari F40 (Hot Wheels)

Here's another one of my favorites. Obviously, this is a childhood bedroom poster car for an entire generation, but this particular example feels so weighty and well-made that even daily play for 10+ years couldn't do much other than a few paint chips (although it doesn't roll as smoothly as it used to). The back hatch can't stay open on its own because the hinge design doesn't let it reach 90 degrees.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Hot Wheels)

This one was made in 1982 so it has that solid 'Murican build quality (made in Malaysia) from before everything went plastic. It doesn't say, but it's probably an SS given the stripes and the big-block die-cast V8 under the hood, which opens!

1987 Dodge Dakota SE (Matchbox)

Another surprising survivor, this Dakota has a few problems - the plastic window filler has slipped a down into the cabin a bit and the rear suspension is sagging a little - but the retro light bar and striping should make up for that. DODGE is spelled out across the tailgate, just like the real thing. I like square trucks.

1994 Isuzu Rodeo "Roadside Rescue" Edition (Matchbox)

Isuzu is dead, long live Isuzu! I'm thinking that long after the last Isuzu is off the road in this country, this little bugger will be ready to assist in any play shenanigans with two spare tires and a little plastic toolbox.

1995 VW... uh... Bus (Hot Wheels)

I'm not going to pour over the details of this all-white body to figure out the real year it was based on, but it was made in the glorious year of our lord 1995. It's pretty kick ass, and probably the heaviest Hot Wheels you'll come across. The body is metal, the engine block is solid metal, the chassis is metal... the only plastic is on the hinge and the driver's rollcage (ironic). The front axle is a little bent so it pulls to the right, but again, a meticulous person could probably straighten it out/replace it.

So, any interest? There will be a round 2 and probably 3 this week.