Here are the responses, in no particular order:

ttyymmnn: 28-29hrs

Something-Clever-Here, President: 21.5hrs

TheNeonDriver - Now with More BMW!: 22hrs

Peter Black, SV Wrangler, motorcycleprof, yearns for a yamaha:

crowmolly: <28

E90M3: 24hrs

gogmorgo - California isn’t big enough for me: 30 +/-2hrs

Satoshi “The 1K MHz Club” Katsura: 27hrs

And the results:

Departure Time
Arrival Time

The first was just about to turn 2:13 and the second had just turned 1:53. In other words, an even 23h 40m.


Technically that puts E90M3 in 1st, but since that feels like awarding the prize to myself, I say the prize goes to...

TheNeonDriver - Now with More BMW!

Don’t spend it all in one place, now.

So Oppo, what’s been going on?