Nice turnout today, but hot as balls, so I ended up leaving about half way through. I rode my little CB125 so not even the relief of AC on the way home.

Mini with VTEC, yo!

My Dad had one of these when I was a kid. Nostalgia.


Unfortunately Dad does NOT have one of these...

I’ve always had an inexplicable desire to have a Corvair. This one was very nice.


Not really my thing, but I can appreciate all the work that went into it.

SRT Pacifica? For when you’ve got to haul ass hauling the family?

I hate it when people think my Scout is a Bronco, but holy crap, this thing was AWESOME!

Errr, moving on...

Ahhh, that’s better.

Amazing Grand Prix.

Healys, and no, not those stupid shoes with wheels.

Sweet Duster!

Qvale Mangusta. Don’t see that every day.

I don’t think that turbo is stock...