If you like to argue that drivers of old BMW's are unfairly stereotyped, well, this incident yesterday in North Vancouver will not help your case.

YouTube uploader MegaDylanCarter (!) observed a "rust encrusted" gold BMW E21 weave in and out of traffic on the highway. The "a-typical wanna-be" driver just missed plowing into the back of another car.

Exiting the highway on Main Street, the driver of the BMW, a young white male in jeans, white sneakers and red FILA t-shirt, gets out and walks purposefully towards the car he just missed rear-ending. This is where the YouTube uploader clearly must have sensed a disturbance in the Force and started filming with his smartphone.


Walking back to his car after no doubt giving the driver a piece of his mind, the junior asshat sees the other driver coming at him, a silver-haired man in a black hoodie. He telescopes a right hook which manages to connect and drop the old man, but is so completely off-balance he himself stumbles backwards and lands on his ass.

Since the junior asshat's punch did not seem to have any weight behind it, the old man is merely temporarily stunned. Getting to his feet first, he rushes at the young man and grapples him, eventually throwing him to the ground (off camera). Awkwardly rising to his feet, Asshat Jr. seems to have had enough and backs off.


Just when you think that's it, the young man returns to the fray, to be greeted by a quick right hook to the face. The older man, unlike the younger, keeps his feet and may or may not have said "That's how it's done, son". One more weak right jab is enough to send Asshat Jr. fleeing for the safety of his BMW.

The older man may have let him go because, according to the witness who filmed it, the young man started to say he was "just a 16 year old kid!" as the fight started to go south on him. But according to a YouTube commentator named "Happend2Me2", seemingly created to respond to this specific posting, the "kid" is actually 19:

This is the same disturbed punk who assaulted me and my wife in a similar manner at Park Royal last summer. Same M.O. Purposely cut us off then started screaming: "What you going to do about it old man?" followed by endless expletives and taunts and then he attacked me. After it was over he kept whining "Why are you doing this to me? I'm just a kid! I'm only sixteen!" The psycho is actually 19. The W. Van police & prosecutor did their best but the judge let him off the assault charge in March.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the RCMP in North Vancouver have said no formal complaint has been received and, as such, they are not presently investigating.