It appears that Russian con men have discovered a weakness in Porsche headlight design. Easy to remove also means easy to steal.

Can any Porsche owners chime in an explain just how easy these lights are to remove?

The Porsche Cayenne is a premium class SUV and is pretty popular in Russia, especially in Moscow. People buy them, people drive them and seem to be happy with their cars if not for one thing: some people have found out that headlights on this car can be relatively easily removed from the car without opening the hood. This created a whole branch of con men specializing in Porsche Cayenne headlights. If you think they just steal the headlights and then resell them you are wrong. What those people usually do according to the reports I read is, they steal the headlights, then they hide those headlights somewhere nearby the car and leave a note on the windshield. The note offers to tell them that the headlights were removed and waiting for them nearby, in order to know the location where they are, a victim should pay a ransom through one of the virtual currencies which are pretty much a big deal in Russia. Assuming that the price of the pair of the lights might reach a thousand dollars, the note asks much less. A lot of people pay this amount and then get a text with the location of their lost lights.

Here we have a whole collection of unfortunate Porsche Cayenne cars photographed right after their headlights were removed.