Another "look at me" color from the realms of BMW Individual. Atacama Yellow was first offered on the Z4 as a standard color. Slowly but surely, it will eventually make its way to the rest of the lineup.

It's a pretty new color and most of them are on the Z4. Of course, there are a few cars out there in this shade of yellow somewhere in the ocean of the internet. While it's easy to distinguish from Dakar Yellow, it's more difficult sorting it from Speed Yellow. Difference is, this has a bit more orange in it.

This is the lone Atacama Yellow 6 Series I saw on the web. It's not even in high res.

Loud colors on an E90 make it look chunkier than in really is. While I think that it suits 2 doors better, I admire the guy's individuality.

Much better here on the E92 M3. The black and yellow contrast makes it look rather purposeful, especially on the track.

See what I mean? Fantastic I say.