Profile shot

Took some time to explore the former gravel quarry after which the park is named. There’s still some original equipment lying around, such as rail car wheels and some processing machinery. Some of the remnants have been repurposed as picnic chairs and fire pits.

I broke out the DSLR for the first time in a while.

Overview of the processing facility foundation.  The wooden processing facility itself is long gone. The quarry was retired in the 1960s.
One of the mining tunnels.
Max flash power past the tunnel’s locked gate.
Old mining facilities are now displays near to picnic areas.

And some cars from the C&C event at Portola Valley. Lots of $$$ classics like the Dino, but the cars came and went constantly.

Dino = $$$
An Olds 442.  Don’t know if it has any other names beyond that.
A Superformance Cobra with an original-looking AC steering wheel
Split-window Stingray
Not sure what this is, but it’s on bags and has questionable mechanical layout such as an upward-sloping driveshaft.
Gas tank? Sure, it’s right here!!!
The new generation of Macs look impressive in person. They sound decent, too
Electric bikes brought by a startup company
Bertone alert!