Was a pretty good movie, but Chevy is getting kinda overly obvious with the product placement.

I'm all good with product placement, it serves it's purpose and makes money.

But having the 2014 Impala, Stingray, Suburban, Volt, Camaro, Traverse, and Silverado all on screen within 5 minutes of each other (within one single fight), kinda stood out a tad. I mean they were just bouncing off of exploding Camaro's, only to be thrown into Volts, and then being flung into Traverses, only to escape in a Silverado.


The 2014 Stingray being shown in the first 10 minutes of the movie (being driven by Scarlett Johansson), along with the 2014 Silverado being driven by Captain America, in the middle part of the movie were probably givens, especially with the whole Car/Truck of the Year thing and the campaign they worked on. I guess I'm not really making observations that weren't already known, or ones that weren't expected. But it is kinda funny how much subtlety they lacked in the movie. (It wasn't "Transformers" obvious, but close).

Blowing up a bunch of 2009 Pontiacs in one fell swoop (a 2009 G8, Solstice, and G6) was kind of a dick move, though.

Movie wise, I'd recommend it.