I was getting an insurance quote and the drop down box asked me to select how many cylinders the car had. I noticed options for 14, 16, 18, and 20 cylinders. That seemed mighty thorough on their part! I know of very few cars that have that many, so I did a little research which I thought I would share.

Fourteen Cylinders

There don't seem to be any cars with 14 cylinders, although supposedly Gordon Murray asked Honda about building a V14 for the Maclaren F1.


Fourteen cylinder engines are rare even in maritime applications. One famous beast is the inline-14 Wärtsilä-Sulzerin RTA96-C, which is the world's most powerful combustion engine.

So if you decide to drop one in your new Lego Emma Mærsk, USAA's got you covered!

Sixteen Cylinders

Cars with 16 cylinders are the most common on this list. Probably the most famous is the Cadillac Sixteen's V16, seen at the beginning of this article in Fleetwood Dual Cowl Phaeton form. Below is a more modern variant (yet another fizzled Caddy concept):

Alfa Romeo experimented with 16 cylinder configurations, first with the 16C Bimotore (a.k.a. the First Ferrari) which cheats by having two straight 8 cylinder engines - one in front, one in back.

Next came the V16 in the Alfa Tipo 162 race car.

The engine was used in the fantastically weird mid-engine Alfa Tipo 163 concept car (not sure if it was ever built).

It kind of reminds me of the Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion car.

A few years later Alfa made one more V16 race car, the Tipo 316.

British Racing Motors put a notoriously awful sounding H16 in their BRM P83.

Porsche crammed a flat-16 in their 917, but it got less power than a twin turbo flat-12 so it was never raced.

There is a pseudo-V16 in disco legend Giorgio Moroder's Cizeta V16T. I feel love, indeed.

It used two flat plane Lamborghini Ferrari V8's sharing one block.

More cowbell! And more cylinders!

And of course there is the Veyron's W16. No car pic because you are about to get a Bugatti bukakke.

Eighteen Cylinders

The only cars I could find with 18 cylinders are a quartet of Bugatti show cars, all with a W18. First up is the EB118 concept:

The EB218 concept:

The engine itself:

The 18/3 Chiron concept:

Lastly, the EB 18.4 Veyron Concept. It "only" made 555 horsepower.

You can read more here. Okay guys, family picture!

Ferrari experimented with a W18 for Formula-1 in 1967 but never used the design. They only got as far as a single module W3 as a prototype. Engines with more than 12 cylinders were banned by F1 starting in 1972.

Twenty Cylinders

I couldn't find any sports cars with 20 cylinders, so I give you the 20 cylinder Caterpillar 797F:

Twenty-Four Cylinders

Sorry, we are now in the range where you can't use USAA's website anymore. I think you will have trouble getting this insured anyway:

It uses a Detroit Diesel 24V-71

Thirty Cylinders

The M3A4 tank used a Chrysler A57 engine which combined 5 6-cylinder engines:

It may have been designed by Homer Simpson.


One Hundred Cylinders

This Power Puller has 100 cylinders, although technically it is 5 V20 engines. Also technically it is made out of Lego.


Did I miss anything cool?