Today was the Second Annual Desert Boneyard 5k at The Boneyard (309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group - AMARG) in Tucson, AZ. And I very nearly was not able to participate in it this year due to there being lightning and imminent rain at the start time. But weather and other conditions held steady, and we didn't see more than a light drizzle the entire race.

Last year, the 5k was held on a sunny very warm (nearly 90° F), so I was hoping for some clouds to have as a backdrop for the pictures I knew I would be taking. While I have run a good number of 5k's, I don't think I could be paid to run this one. I was there to see the planes that are off limits to civilians (other than a paid tram with tinted windows) the other 364 days of the year. There were a few new planes in the mix this year, and the course was changed as well.

Though the majority of the pictures are from the "Celebrity Row" of displayed planes, there are quite a few pictures of other areas as well.

Wall to Wall C-130s

About to round the corner onto Celebrity Row

I've loved the YC-14 far more than is natural. It's such a wonderfully neat plane.

(yes, the F-117 was still there ;)

Someone thought it would be funny to put a C-5 next to a T-37.

Everyone needs a rest now and then.

The C-5 is so amazingly large.

(Texans are still represented)