Good morning! I have a new (to me) car! I'll report on that later once I get some decent pics, but for now take a look at these. Enjoy.

Ligier JS1. This car is an amalgam of sorts, using a British engine (220hp 1.6L), Italian body and French chassis.

The Alpine A110-50 being all sexy in Monaco.

Do those colors look familiar? They might to some of you - this is one of the Shelby 2000GTs - yes, that Shelby. Apparently he had four cars built for the 1968 SCCA production car races - only two of the four cars constructed raced.

Seeing DTM cars will never get old.

Claude Lorraine Barrow and his mechanic Pierre Rodez at the 1903 Paris to Madrid. Unfortunately the de Dietrich 45hp they were racing crashed into a tree after Barrow tried to avoid dogs in the road but hit one of them. Both driver and mechanic were killed, which is unfortunate given Barrow's mustache looked as if it could have single-handedly saved them.

Mephistopheles' 21.7L inline-6.