Good morning!  I posted race cars yesterday, and am going to post more today.  Why you may ask?  BECAUSE RACECAR!!!  Enjoy.

Maserati 4CM (red) at the 2012 Goodwood Revival.  I'm not fully convinced this is a 4CM, only because the front end treatment looks different from others I've seen (at least 1934 and after).  If it is, then it's powered by a supercharged 1.5L 4 cylinder that cranks out 150hp, and the whole thing weighs in around 1,278lb.  Not too bad.

Here's a 1968 Lotus 59B, made for Formula 3 racing.  I think a 59B took 1st and 3rd at the 1970 British Formula 3 Championship, but can't confirm it.

It's Schumie in the Ferrari F1-2000 at the 2000 San Marino Grand Prix, where he took 1st place.

Ah, the wonder that is German DTM cars; here, an M3

The Dome S102 (2008).  Powered by a 5.5L V10 with 650hp, I think it's one of the best looking Le Mans racers in recent years.  The newer S102.5 has a 3.5L, but everyone knows there's no replacement for displacement (ignoring turbochargers, and direct injection, and superchargers, and...).