Decent variety, also an E30 M3 with EVO parts.

This guy is neighbors with my parents, bought it brand new and has modified it little by little.

The shop that sponsors this car is only 2 block away from my apartment when I'm up in college. Procharged and making over 600hp.

Turbo-charged and making 641 at the wheels.

Mmm, gold.

Comet with a 302 V8.

The taillights look like they're off of the Mercury Cyclone.

One of two trucks but I only took photos of this one.


'78 Nova, last year of a muscle car legend.

Subi butts.

Can you believe this owner daily drives this car?

I prefer these aftermarket taillights over the regular S197.2 lights on the '10-'12 Mustangs.

Legit and legal RHD 1989 Silvia with SR20 turbo, 300 at the wheels and plans for a two-tone seafoam green/dark grey paint job with flared fenders.

The only Mazda entered in the show.


Here you go, Oppo, here's your bait.