Sometimes, selling a car can be easy. Other times, it can be difficult. But no matter what, you can't turn down any interest that comes towards your car. And sometimes, things get weird.


To fill everyone in on what they don't know. I have a 2002 Honda S2000 for sale on Craigslist. It's priced at $12,500 right now.

I try to be a very commodious seller. I take any pictures upon request. I'll give any and every bit of data about the car's condition or service history. I'm honest about imperfections, and normally I try to be a polite, pleasant person when talking to a perspective buyer.

Some of you may have seen my last edition of this series, Trade Offers

What happened here was a series of questions. He asked about the condition of the top, so I sent two pictures of the wear spots that developed at the fold points; it's fairly common on S2000. He then asked about the condition of the body. He asked about the rear quarter, the rear bumper, and the front bumper, so I sent him pictures of those as well. According to the picture of the front bumper above, it's "banged up pretty good" And the entire convertible top needs replacing.


Now, I'm familiar with this concept of car buying, and it's pretty common. It's certainly not the first time I've dealt with it. The prospective seller will nitpick and look for any imperfections and then use those small problems to make the car seem worthless and drive the price down.

I really don't see the point in it. He came to me about my car, so if it's in such rough shape, then why would he want it?

As you can see here, I started to become annoyed. I understand the rules of negotiating a car's price, but this man's final offer of $8500 for my $12,500 car is exactly 68% of my asking price. Personally, I find the notion that a buyer would assume the seller would take off $4000 worth of price to be a bit insulting.

Also, the notion that you could argue with a seller and the seller would somehow cave and lower the price is also rather insulting to me. I'm the one who actually owns and drives the car, so I'm certainly more familiar with it's conditions and characteristics than somebody from another state who texting me on a cell phone.

Obviously, I could've handled the situation a bit better, but this person started to wear on my patience.

I realize the title make's it sound like I'm complaining, but it just seemed like a snappy title. I'm just putting on showcase some of the wild things people will do when using Craigslist to search for their next car.