Show Us Your Designed Street Circuit Layout

Now that you've chosen where you want the next Formula 1 US Gran Prix to be held, show us what you have in mind for the layout of the circuit, but be cautious as there are a few things we must consider when planning a street circuit...

1. Disruption of Traffic

2. Seating/Grandstands

3. Length (around 5 km)

Here is my layout for a Chicago Gran Prix.

Show Us Your Designed Street Circuit Layout

While I do cause some massive traffic disruption on the north side, I do limit the Gran Prix's gridlock by avoiding Lake Shore Drive; that bit next to it is just the frontage road.


The pit straight would be where the red marker is, down N LaSalle, and the circuit would run in an anti-clockwise direction.

The two parks will provide ample space for grandstands.

Rt 64 will re-open after each session to let traffic get on and off of Lake Shore.


And here you can see just how close it is to the central business district, just a stone's throw away from the Chicago river.

Show Us Your Designed Street Circuit Layout

Show us your layouts in the comments below and the reasons why you think it should be the next US Gran Prix.