SiF: May (the month, not James) is here edition

That means May Day and the first bigger 1st Friday of the month cruise. Here are some shots of varying quality from the past week. Pictured above: ‘35 Ford and ‘71 ‘Cuda convertible.

‘53-’54 custom Chevy.

Bond Bug!


Mustang Grande.

As I was taking a picture of that Mustang I saw a glimpse of this ratty umm something I’m not quite sure what it is. Something 60’s GM?

You don’t see this every day. C3 ‘vette with a parachute and semislicks. ‘70 Chevelle SS parked in front of it.

Since it’s Vappu, the engineering students were partying. One of the things they brought along was this old Russian tractor painted pink. Anyone know what make is this?

While taking that picture this Chevy van with Lapland themed mural drove past me.

I think this is the first Chevette I’ve ever seen. I don’t think there are many left in as good condition as this in the whole world.

Mobile sauna built out of an old Kontio Sisu fire truck. Also something the students brought.

As I imagine was this old army truck.

Late 70’s Ranchero followed by ‘65 F-series.

‘69 GTO

70’s step side Chevy or GMC and Opel Corsa OPC.

Something for our fellow LaLDers.

Mid 60’s Mustang coupes were quite common sight.

As were C3 Corvettes.


‘64 Barracuda, Firebird Trans AM GTA and late 60’s Nova with Yenko lookalike stripes.

‘65 Buick Electra

Early 70’s Dodge Monaco and ‘56 Chevrolet.

‘65 Imperial

I’m not 100% sure but I’d say that’s a genuine Buick GN.

‘71-’72 Plymouth GTX.

There. Some of the things I saw last week.