So I went to the annual car show today, and was surprised by the huge turn out. This is the 11th year, and the judges award trophies for the different classes. Some of my favs from today:

‘69 Charger R/T
‘70 Challenger
‘70 Chevelle
‘66 GTO
‘67 Chevelle
‘70 Javelin
‘70 442
‘69 442
‘87 Grand National
Kirkham Cobra
Cobra mill: Alum 427 stroker with FI

Overall, a really nice display of 60's muscle. There were a few oddballs though..

Rotary-powered Corolla. Different.
Was not expecting to see a Holley 4bbl on a Wankel
Ok, this dude JUST bought this ‘17 SS (300 miles on the odo). Odd choice to bring to a show IMHO.
Lots of late-model Mustangs, Camaros, Vettes and Challengers. Ho hum. Love the color on this one though.
Love this color blue.
I don’t know WHAT this was. Rat rod limousine?
Another C7 (there were a few) Essentially a Grand Sport with a blower. Nice sign.

Will have to check with my pal on the Stratford P.D. to ask if any Mustangs were destroyed leaving the show.