The Coleford Canival of Transport is based in the small market town of Coleford, Gloucestershire, which also happens to be where my office is. It’s been running since 1998, and takes over most of the town on Easter Monday. As with most of these local car shows there was a wide variety of ‘ordinary’ cars, as well as a lot of various interesting things. No real exotica, but who needs that?

As to be exected from a UK event, Minis were well represented.

Lots of Americans turned up.

(This is why American cars didn’t really work in the UK!)

Now the Miss Mercedes Special Section!

There was a commercials Section

And this unusual lineup

A very orange BMW

And a very Purple Ford

Possibly the best looking cars ever made

One for a Thing Rarely Seen

Alpina Z4

We need more yellow cars!

We don’t really need more of these....

Spotted outside:

Yes, it’s a Subaru. Had a cage in it.

JDM yo!


As one of these seems to be compulsory in any post here...

Link to the Flickr Album with more as I’m fully expecting most of this to be Kinja’d