And Kate McKinnon is killing it as usual, that cold open debate was really good. and Jake-DOLLA DOLLA BILL Y’ALL didn’t murder me either.

Found via GIS for Murdersofa

Also, Margot Robbie. Additionally, I miss Nasim Pedrad being on SNL. They played a rerun earlier with her and Jason Sudeikis, they were both so good.

Also, I rode in both Jake’s turbo NA Miata and the infamous Murdersofa. I’d never ridden in a Miata before, I understand why it’s ‘the answer’ now. His NB is really really nice but not driving.


I went to an office “Oktoberfest” party, which was a lot of fun, but got a bit weird when one of the upper management declared he was going to find me a “Wichita girl”. He then explained that they keep losing young employees because their spouses are from out of town, so shortly after they have kids they move back to their hometowns to be near family. It made sense, but it was still awkward as all get-out.