A sidebar in the latest (EDIT: Excellence, not Panorama) states that Butzi Porsche, the guy for the last 50 years has been credited with designing the 911, totally didn't actually do it. I'm sure I can't scan / post it because copyright but I'll paraphrase.

  • The 911 was designed by a team, mostly by the designer of convertible top mechanisms.
  • Butzi barely did more than make the team's coffee.
  • Supposedly he was tasked with making a small clay model based on the drawings. After laboring a bit, supposedly he thew the lump on the ground and siad the equivalent of "Screw it, do this shit yourself." But in German, of course.
  • Since he was the son of Ferry, he got the credit.
  • This story has been corroborated by several people who worked at Porsche at the time.

Pretty crazy stuff to be reading, especially in the pages of (EDIT: Excellence, not Panorama.) They usually take the stance of Porsche is the bestest ever and they can do no wrong.