1990 Diahatsu Hi-Jet Mini Truck - $2500 (Bigfork)

1990 diahatsu hi-jet mini truck. 660cc engine with a 4 spd manual transmission, hi/lo transfer case and push button four wheel drive. this truck is more practical, fuel efficient, it can haul more, and it even has roll up windows compared to a utv. also I bet it drives better on the highway and around town. as a bonus it has windsheild wipers, an am radio, and an excellent heater. I just installed 4 new highway tires, and have 4 used four wheeler tires that just need rims. there is some rust and the driver seat and door panel could be re-upholstered. it is a great work truck, not a show truck, drives nicely at 80 kph (50 mph) and gets 37 mpg, and will go 100 kph (60 mph) and gets 30 mpg. this truck is stock, but you can buy a lot attachments, lift kits, tracks, snow plows, ect. also it will fit in the back of a full size truck bed, it would be tight but it would fit. thanks for looking. may be up for a trade