Everyone recalls Tesla's Elon Musk petitioning to the US gov to use his rockets for space missions and not Russian made ones - and the US gov turned him down

**to be noted ULA has Delta rockets and Atlas V rockets, the Delta series uses American rockets, and the Atlas V use the Russian boosters, and for whatever reason ULA insists on using the Atlas V's**


Currently the US gov uses the United Launch Alliance - a alliance of Boeing and LM who use Russian made boosters for their shuttles.

Now the situation has changed and perhaps he saw this coming or he just has good timing.

The Russians have now their own 'sanctions' of sorts. The Russian made boosters that they continued to sell to the Americans for their space program in spite of the mess in Ukraine. However now the Russians have placed a condition on the sale of the boosters - that they not be used for any military application. Normally this wouldn't be too much of a concern since space exploration is neutral and not necessarily a military operation, but NASA is by work volume roughly 70% military contracts and the rest is public stuff. This new rule means until the sanction is removed by the Russians - there are no more boosters available anywhere to launch space missions - except perhaps SpaceX


so what do you think? Is this his new cash cow if he plays his cards right? or is SpaceX not going to fly

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