So I decided to go home for lunch for the first time in about 2 weeks. As I'm cruising down the road, just going like normal, I see a red Chrysler 300 in a side driveway about to pull out a bit up the road. No biggie.

As I get closer, like close enough for him to not have time to pull out in front of me, he guns it and shoots out into the road across both lanes. So he is perpendicular to the flow of traffic, but still moving across the road.

I slam on my brakes, and somehow throw it into neutral (it is an automatic) since I do not have time to go around him. He continues moving across the road into another driveway. Once he is past me, my car is still rolling, but dead. Guess it killed itself while I was braking. So I get it stopped, put it back in park, and start it up. He then pulls onto the road behind me. It took all I had not to get out of my car, drag him from his car, and beat him. But he looked to be 70+ years old. I probably would have ended his life, and it was not worth that.

Have a Bugatti Veyron for your troubles.