And before everyone complains, two things:

1. Its my car, not yours, so shut up.

2. I bought the wrong one for the right reasons.

Let me clarify a bit. I just bought a 1992 Nissan 300zx. It is an auto. It is not a turbo. There are a few very good reasons for this:
1. Turbos are really god damn expensive here in LA


2. As I mentioned, I'm in LA. Everyone here sucks. They honk at you if you don't move for a half a second at the lights and I live on a hill. This justifies the auto.

3. The milage. This car has just under 50,000 miles. Since new. It is also reallllyyyyy fucking clean. There are three flaws. One tiny scrape on the front spoiler, one tiny scrape on the back bumper and one of the tail lights is out. Thats it. On a 22 year old car. I guess thats what you get with less then 2300 miles per year.

It also has Volk replica's, a nice stereo and upgraded speakers. Plus the original T-Top bags. It looks like it just came from the factory. I'm really excited.

Kinja is a bitch so I can't currently upload more photos, but I'll get some more up later.