Some of you may remember that I've been in the market for a new used car with low miles and relatively new model year (2010 or newer). I was so set on a Mazda 3 but none of them were good enough. Most were repainted and still scratched to hell with 50k miles and price tags of 15 grand (before shitty fees). I looked at one today though that was good. It was repainted but you couldn't easily see it. Fully loaded Touring model. 14,991 was the price. Dealer came back with fees and crap that added up to 20 grand. I walked out before someone got punched. Found myself at Bell Mitsubishi which is a wonderful dealership and I encourage anyone in NJ to go there if you want good service. Salesman left us alone while my father and I looked. Got an idea of what I wanted and left to do some research. Came back an hour later, took the car I wanted on a test drive and about 2 hours later I was holding the keys to my new car. A 2010 Nissan Cube. 29000 miles, in far better shape than any Mazda I saw for 12,495. Even got a loyalty discount because my brother had bought from them before (All cars are advertised with the loyalty in the price, it's removed later on. Nothing hidden or shady.)

Push button startup, rearview camera, sweet gauges, dark brown/black interior, white exterior. This car looks like it was picked up off a street in Japan and plopped down here in the States. And I love. Excellent handling for its class. Very spacious. Not the quickest thing but it's MUCH more enjoyable to drive than my Volvo was.

Picture time!

Here's my Cube in front of my fathers xB:

You could say my family likes FWD boxes on wheels.

So yea, it finally happened. And I couldn't be happier. OF HAPPENINGS!...?