1995 Ford Windstar LX. It was my third car. A hand-down from my parents who were planning to buy a new car anyway when my little brother totaled my 1992 Cavalier in 2004. I believe the color was called Plum. My mom bought it with inheritance money when my grandmother died with the only shopping requirements being that minivan and purple. It was a total heap of crap that stranded my parents many times before they gave it to me and stranded me multiple times in the two years I had to put up with it. Even when it was running, it never really worked right. The ABS would kick in at random times for no reason and extend stopping distances. The sliding door sensor had a short, so it would chime and ding at random intervals. I tried to limp it to 100,000 miles, but it was traded in a bit short of that. I could go on, but here are the photos (more exist, but are probably film scans on my mom’s computer)...

Had a little fender-bender when I couldn’t stop on an icy hill and rolled into someone backing out of a driveway. I repaired the shattered turn-signal lens with CA glue.
Somewhere along an ill-advised road trip from Syracuse to Chicago in November 2005. Surprisingly, this was the only road trip taken with this van that actually went off without any mechanical issues.
This is what Cleveland looked like through the side window. Along I-90 I think.
Snowed in (Syracuse, NY)
Hiding under snow AND a tree!
Bald Eagle State Park (PA)
Moving out of a rental house in Syracuse in 2006. The van was nice for hauling, but it was a nervous ride wondering if it would make it.
Lock Haven, PA where I lived in a spare bedroom of a friend for a month in between leases.
The end. Got me to my new apartment in State College, PA for grad school, and was then only driven to various dealers until I found my next car.