At least, on my computer... Be Prepared for house post.

For those whom have not seen my posts about houses and land, etc. I have found a cheap acre outside of Nazi HOA control and am contemplating buying it and building a nice house and large garage / workshop.

Well, whilst I contemplate, I have decided to look at some house plans, LOTS of house plans, and have narrowed down to a few options (Should I decide to pull the trigger and assuming I get the land).


My problem is, What I like and what people like are usually two different things. And while this house would be for me, I also want to make sure it remains reasonably desirable should I need or want to resell.

So my garage loving friends, help me narrow down my choices on brash speculation that I can (1) afford this, (2) sell my current place at what I want, and (3) get the land at the $ I want (only 9 grand less than what they are asking) and find a builder who's not going to ass rape me for labor and charge me for quality parts while using cheap Chinese crap.

1: Typical American Craftsman. Throw a white picket fence out front and call it the American Dream. Garage is small for a 2 car but again, I will be building a workshop out back.

2: Ultra Modern. I always wanted a modern home because the big glass windows, but all I would have to look outside at is desert, so not sure if big picture windows are the thing to do (plus 1 car garage up front)

3: Ranch house with a touch of modern. Would fit the landscape perfectly, and the garage is spacey, although not sure how much that matters with a big shop out back.

4: Bit of contemporary European and a bit of Ranch house... Has an awesome Master area.

5: Standard Americana. It's quaint but I kinda like it.