My car was back in the shop getting the last of the hail damage taken care of. The rental agency was "kind" enough to give me a brand new 2014 Chevy Sonic sedan. It was underwhelming (more on that in a different post).

The Sonic had all-season tires and we’ve had a few dumps of snow recently. Combine that with temps approaching zero (Celsius) during the day and -5 to -10 at night and you’ve got the perfect storm to confuse the bananas out of the Sonic’s T/C. Even better, it doesn’t fully turn off (at least not with a simple press of the squiggly car button).

So there I was, stuck in my driveway spinning the tires (well spinning a tire, the driver's front tire). I was trying to rock it back and forth, going from D to R (which is harder to do on a slushbox then I thought it would be) and praying to the Flying Spegetti Monster that the craptastic Hankooks would bite. No dice. After doing this for 30-40 seconds the car just died. RPM’s dropped to 0 and the engine cried no more.


She started back up, but I was confuzzled, I didn’t think you could stall an auto-box, at least not a brand new one anyway. Chevy taught me something new.