I'm trying to catch up on all the movies I'm surprised I haven't seen yet. So far The Usual Suspects is the only one I can't get into, and it's really annoying because everyone is constantly referencing it and I don't want to be left out... But no, I'll get 30-45 minutes in and I don't really know what's happening so I give up and do something more entertaining.

Oh, yeah, Trainspotting. As a native English speaker, it felt weird only understanding half of the dialogue. "British" English is only easy when it's ENGLISH English. Scottish English is a mindfuck, and throw in a rotting baby for good measure and I have no idea what I just saw. It was really good, though. Very reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, in my opinion, but much cooler characters. Spud was lovable and Begbie was hate-able, and just the whole concept was great. Not sure what to watch next.