Every Monday, from Memorial Day (late May, for non-US folks) to October, my town holds a car show. Typically it's a bunch of folks showing off muscle cars, and usually the same ones show up regularly. For this reason, I don't go that often.

Yesterday, the theme for the show was trucks. There were a few great trucks to see, but most of the show was the same muscle cars as always. My girlfriend and I made a pass through the show, then stopped in one of the restaurants in the square for dinner before heading home.

On our way out, we encountered this Scout that wasn't there when we walked through the first time. It was the only vehicle at the show that I absolutely had to have pictures of. It had what I'm about 90% positive was the original engine, and the plate on the firewall showed Gross HP as 85 @ 4400 RPM.


I love everything about this truck, except the obnoxious 'TONTO' decal in the back window.