Good stuff I'm tellin ya. So here''s the story:

My dad, just recently having heart surgery, can't exactly do long road trips. That means that if I found a car that was not within 3 hours of here or so, he couldn't go with me to get it (I can't go myself or with a friend because I'm still 17). So I find this Sky, and he agrees with my observations that it's a good price, looks relatively clean, and that I should get it.

Only problem is that it's 8 hours away.

Right. So he accepts that we'll have to ship it. I know it's not a good idea to buy a car sight unseen, but this dealer that it's at has a good reputation, doesn't look sketchy, and we're having a Pre-Purchase Inspection done by a local, also reputable, mechanic on Monday. The mechanic that we're having do it commented that this dealer, Amelia Auto Mart, is a great used car dealer, and the owners are good people. I've never had a car shipped before, so if anyone has any tips or things to watch out for, you should tell me.


Yep so hopefully everything will be in tip top shape on the car and I'll have a Sky by next week!