Here's a B5 S4 Avant. Need your Oppo-pinions after the jump.

I know I post a lot of the cool crap I get to do at work (or almost get to do...), but the reality of it is, my job sucks. I can honestly find about 1000 different things to complain about, from poor management to lazy co-workers, etc, etc.

The cold hard facts of it, though, come down to:

1. I am bored, DEATHLY bored. There is rarely something new for me to work with / on, and its the 'bad' tuners out there who keep making the same mistake and keep calling back with the same questions.


2: There is no room to grow. I can't go up anywhere. The next place up for me is currently held by a man 5 years older than me who just had his first child. He is not going anywhere any time soon.

3: Pay sucks. Yes I knowingly took a pay cut to come here for two reasons. One was the job I had was going south (I found out the owner was stealing from the company and fixing the books) and two was the opportunity presented (which turns out was a load of BS to get me to say yes).

4: Mileage. I drive almost 30 miles each way. Now I could deal with the commute, but low pay (see above) and long drives don't help one another out.


For what I am currently making, finding another job in that same pay range (a.k.a. just getting by) would be relatively easy, and I know I can find one closer to home.

This job was also not meant to be permanent for me while I am taking some courses for certifications and refreshers to get myself started on my own business (but that wont be feasible to start until at least end of 2014 or early 2015)

And finally, I have already scheduled and paid for a trip to Italy with my family in July.

All of this kind of has me feeling like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. So Oppo, what say you. Should I suck it up and just deal with the monotony, poor management, terrible co-workers, long commute, and low pay until I am ready to do my own thing? Or should I try to find something temporary that pays around the same (or possibly better), and is closer to home, knowing it will only last 8-12 months?