She's a 2006 2.7L v6, originally a flat automatic but my ever tinkering ways converted the lifeless 4 speed into an Autostick (donated by a Stratus). Sure it's not manuél but I can hold gears, down shift when I need to and overall it has increased the driving fun.

I did zero research before purchase- as you could imagine. A buddy of mine a few years earlier had a sedan, we drove it on the highway and I liked it a lot so I bought one (except I wanted a convertible). It's really not that bad though. Sure she's as long as a torpedo and pretty heavy but I get 21 city and 32 hwy. The idea was that because I wasn't getting something with a huge aftermarket I wouldn't be spending my money on mods - just leave it be. Yeah that lasted a few months.

Mods are as follows: Autostick conversion, front strut tower brace (plasti dipped bright effing purple... dont ask why. It was a terrible idea but it's staying that way and no you cant see it), K&N intake, rear sway bar, Magnaflow muffler with 2 dual tips (but those are going away too, see below), carbon fiber hood (sure it's too "race car" for what it is but I like the way CF looks. My Giant TCR Advance 2 (look it up) is CF and I like it. Plus the stock hood weighed like 85lbs... ok closer to 40 but this one ways like 15. I even accidentally put a divit in my ceiling when I took it out of the delivery box), remote start w/ cell phone control - I can be in Maine, my car in Cali and I can remote start it, plus I get text message alerts when the alarm goes off. My favorite mod and most recent is the headlights. I took stock reflectors and gutted them, mounted Morimoto projectors so I can have real HID's and not plug n play. My fog lights are PnP but have cutoffs painted on the lens to keep the glare down (they look sleepy). The reflectors have UV and green demon eyes so when the car remote starts they're purple, flip a switch and they turn green, then when the headlights turn on they cut off.


The black trim pieces look like ass currently since the clear coat is faded so Im plasti-dipping them, the side bumper trim pieces, grille and license plate assembly flat black.

People ask "well why not stop spending money on your car and just get a new one, something sporty?" And I will, it'll likely be an Abarth or FiST/FoST but I have no car payment, the Sebring only has 80k miles on it and I only put maybe 20 miles on it a week. Would a new car be fun? Uh yeah, but whats the point when I'd rarely have time to drive it and my current car has plenty of life in it (plus not having a car payment is nice.)

Everyone has something snide to say when I first mention it but in the end I dont care because my car is MY car. Not yours and Im happy with that. It's a bad ass dirty old man's car as I've been told before and that works for me. Now on to the pictures!!

The stock GTC spoiler thats going on tomorrow (fwd.. spoiler.. no it isn't functional but it's an aesthetics thing) and the new tailpipe which will replace the ones seen below..

And if you don't like it here's Salmon