albeit one with a lift kit. It's the type of thing that typically lives in the rural swamplands and backwoods of North America and is adorned with K&N stickers or camoflauge seat covers. I'm sure you many of you already have a mental picture of the owner.


You're Wrong.


This truck is currently in Japan. Just consider that for a second. Can you even wrap your mind around the fact that such a staple of country music videos is currently in the land of Anime and Kei cars? It's mind warping because I've never associated these trucks with anything other than the 'merica type crowd, and yet, there it is.

I want to meet the owner of this. Is he Japanese? And why does he have a Blazer? I know there's a big USDM market over there, but I only though that was limited to Mustangs and Caprice wagons.…


And it's not as if this is the only one, there's a whole page of the dang things!…