Mmmmmmm Hemi
“The one Ben would take home” a ‘62 Chrysler 300 to match my ‘12 300
A real live Indian four. This is one of those bikes I thought I’d never see in person.
I love bass boat paint.
I hate mustangs, but this one was perfect.
The clean ‘Cuda
The amount of work that went into this was nuts. Wish I got a pic of the bed, or lack thereof
This car was the definition of insanity.
‘56 handyman with a ‘55 front end
So. Fucking. Nice.
Being a big fan of pin ups, I loved this.
The dirty ‘Cuda. This is the runner up, sometimes winner of car id take home (I go back and fourth between this and the 300.
Prob the most impressive build there. Love bare metal.