Went and saw Saving Mr. Banks with the girlfriend this past weekend. The theater we like to frequent is a small, two screen cinema with an older feel to it (uncomfortable seats, narrow viewing area, curtains on the walls, oddly charming). Anywho, I found the movie to be very good. I am not sure if it was fond memories of the Mary Poppins movie or if the movie struck a chord with me deep down, but there were so many feels. Then people around me started sniffling and cutting onions...I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD BRING ONIONS INTO THEATERS!

On the way back from a shooting range in NH with my buddy, we passed a Hummer H2 (almost identical to the one above, but orange) with the license plate "HUMMER" and a Prius with the license plate "GOGREEN", within three cars of each other.


They were both driven by exactly who I expected. At least that wasn't a letdown.