I finally made it out to Katies on a Saturday morning again! And of course the weather was terrible. Temperature was alright, but soggy, soggy, soggy. I debated not going, debated turning around when I was halfway there, debated turning around when I saw a bright green Uracco leaving the general direction of Katie's parking lot, but pushed on nonetheless. Glad I did, because 'Murica.

Also, in case you were wondering, yes, the carpet does match the drapes.

The turnout was mostly Mustangs, but the classic Rolls Royce/Bentley club also made an appearance, with six or seven Corniches/Silver Shadows lining up next to each other.

Further highlights were a gorgeous BMW E9, an amazing looking air cooled 911 Turbo, a nicely patina'd/neglected Pontia Firebird, a Corvair, R8 V10, Lotus Elise (with speed holes!), and a Merc 300 TD wagon!

And now for the pic dump:

Best turbo badge evar.

There was actually a full backseat on the back seat in this M3 (Whatup Xzibit).

Bunch of asshats...

... So I had to follow suit.

E9! E9! E9!

Speed holes.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the picture quality. It was definitely potato weather.