This goes on every Tuesday night from spring until fall. Turn out is huge every week. This was my first time there and I was surprised I knew about 6 people from other Akron and Cleveland events. A huge variety of cars were there, but tonight there were lots of Hot Rods from what I was told. As I arrived at 6:30 many cars were already leaving, but there were still about 150 or more until dark and cars arrived up until sundown. Many nights are themed but all sorts show up for every event. I’ll have to be there another time when its an import night.

I think if I had the wife’s permission I could have gone to 5 events this week but I would be in the doghouse even if she said its okay. Too many cruise-ins and C&C to choose from right now. I was a bit disappointed when I first got there tonight because the guys at the entrance didn’t want to let me in. Had to convince him how fast the Audi was to even let me in to park with the other imports.