It is certainly a special car. See what I did there? Heh. sometimes I crack myself up. Okay, maybe not. Moving on...

Ferrari wanted me to not drive this car so bad they invited us all out to have food, booze and good conversations before even pulling the red drape off the car. I thought about sneaking a peak under the cover, but I remembered that the Italian man who runs the dealership would be very upset and probably have me taken care of, if you catch my drift. I also took all these photos with a iPotato 5, because I wanted to enjoy the night and not carry around a lumbering and back breaking DSLR. There are moments for such things (and I'll get another crack at this car later) and I figured this wasn't that moment.


So where to start with this car? Maybe with this; no other car in recent memory has ever captured my attention and held it this fast. Ever. You can wax rhetoric all you want about how great Ferraris are and how much passion they have and anything else, that is generally a given when it comes to their cars. But this? This was something else entirely.

The car covered in a drape looked more evocative than most cars do uncovered. Menacing, aggressive; you need a large thesaurus to fill in all the words you would probably want to use in describing this car.

It is very blue, in case you missed the picture. The white stripe works. The aggressive front and rear work. Everything about this works.

Some cool things, both the front and rear have active aero, because why not? That is the cool thing to do. Can't comment on how it works. I didn't drive it. I won't drive it. Ever, probably. But active aero is always nice to see. There is also a set of giant exhausts. Giant. They put out a fierce sound.

It has a ducktail spoiler instead of a genuine bolt on or active aero spoiler. Its great, because they could've gone and ruined that rear end with a huge (but functional) spoiler but they didn't. They ducktail'd it. And it looks great.

Those pipes. And carbon fiber. LOOK AT IT.

Look, there really isn't more to say without a proper drive. It is a 458 Speciale. Puns aside, it really is special. Everything about it is amazing. Maybe it is the color they rolled out (who doesn't love a nice blue?) but this car is just amazing. Full stop. It doesn't need any qualifications. It screams excitement. It looks more sexy and aggressive than the base 458 but it doesn't look over the top. Sadly, unlike the F430, we won't see many of them. This thing is all spoken for. I didn't ask how many orders were placed locally. Maybe a handful if we are lucky.

I talked with a friend about what makes this car so appealing (to us at least) and its nothing immediate. The car I guess? Without resorting to typical tropes of passion and more passion and passion sprinkled on the side. I'm not even a Ferrari fan, but this gets me.


I'll say no more. I'm tired. 2 hours of sleep is not recommended. If you'll excuse me, I have some more sleeping to do. I'll just post the rest of the potato shots below.


Also, iPhone wallpaper material. It is reasonably straight. I think. I don't crop well.

Bonus: LOUD(ish) noises; you might have to turn up volume for this.