I was only there for a few days, but bleh. So tired.

All set up at my campsite, ready to witness the Lunar Eclipse. I was camped just alongside Fins and Things.

The view from my humble Abode.

The eclipse in progress. Sorry it's a little shaky. My little travel tripod was not exactly rock solid.

Completed, with a bit of brightness left over.

Errbody in the club get tipsy.

Wavy rocks

Very, very steep. Right at the limit of traction.

Trails in Moab are different than so many places. A lot of them just wander across the rocks like this.

Concept time!

Trail Badges. Not sure if this Wrangler actually did these trails, in fact I'm very skeptical.

My, Cherokee, what big tires you have.

"The better to enrage fanboys with, my dear."