So, I walked out of World market with my mom today, and as we're walking, we are discussing the car i'll be buying as my first in the next 3-4 months. I've been dead-set on the Fiesta ST, but my mom has been less than enthusiastic. Suddenly, she stops and says "ooh, what's that?" I turn around, and standing right next to her is a brand new Nissan Juke Nismo with a manual transmission. I proceed to tell her it's Nissan's only interesting car, to which she responds "A friend of mine is a Nissan salesperson, and she said she could get me a deal on any Nissan!"

Something interesting happened today

So basically, my mom digs the Juke Nismo so much, that she is going to attempt to get me one as my first car. I am stupefied! I actually really like the Juke's looks, and I know what's hiding under the hood. This is a good development! hopefully, i'll have a Juke Nismo to speak about in 3-4 months!